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Case Report

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20 / 12 / 2023

Effect of Fomentation on pulmonary function test in Post- COVID Dyspnea – a case report

Yogapriya Chidambaram, Venugopal Vijayakumar, Deenadayalan Boopalan, Poornima Ravi, Akila Arjunan, Maheshkumar Kuppusamy .

The World Health Organization has defined a group of symptoms that can occur following the acute phase of a SARS-CoV-2 infection, known as "post-COVID syndrome. Available literature suggests that hot fomentation is effective in improving lung function in most other respiratory conditions. The current case report documents the beneficial effects of hot fomentation observed in a patient with post-COVID dyspnea.
Case presentation
A 35-year-old female visited the outpatient department with chief complaints of dyspnea and tiredness for the past 3 months and past history of SARS (CoV-2) infection. Hot fomentation was given to the inter-scapular region for a period of 20 minutes and pulmonary function tests were taken. Pulmonary function tests showed improvement in most of the assessed parameters such as FVC, FEV1, FEF (25%-75%), and PEFR when compared to baseline.
Hot fomentation could be an effective complementary therapy in improving pulmonary function in patients with post-COVID dyspnea. Future experimental studies with adequate sample size would help substantiate our findings.

Key words: SARS (CoV-2) infection, Post COVID dyspnea, Hydrotherapy, Pulmonary function test

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